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Did you ever think it strange that we cut flowers to then look at while they die a fast death in a small pool of water over the next week? 

Whist flowers can look pretty when first cut from a plant, it seems almost a strange almost sadist tradition that we’ve adopted. 

Flowers on average last around a week or two if you’re lucky. You’re then left with smelly brown water, dropped leaves and a mess to clean up. Potted plants on the other hand can last years and become a part of the furniture and aesthetics of the room. 

Further to this, if you’re still not convinced that plants trump flowers there is more! They also offer owners a relationship of sorts. We humans gain a lot of satisfaction from caring for them. Learning, nurturing and loving something gives us a great sense of happiness, accomplishment, entertainment and satisfaction. All positive side effects from owning house plants. 

There are many indoor plants that also flower and can be enjoyed in their natural state. Maybe it’s just me, but the leaves of a plant only add to the beauty of it. Leaves like flowers come in many beautiful shapes, sizes and colours. Why must we attempt to dud nature again and again? We can admire plants beauty in their intended form letting them naturally live their intended life span on their plant… so why wouldn’t you??  

Peace Lilies are a fantastic gift option. This plant flowers throughout the year. Its creamy white lilies stand out amounts its luscious dark green foliage. Striking and beautiful it’s a plant gift that will last.

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