Introducing Ficus Elastica Sophia.
popular, sophisticated...

Introducing Ficus Elastica Sophia. popular, sophisticated...

Go To Post     Introducing Ficus Elastica Sophia. popular, sophisticated , ornamental plant with shiny variegated green and lime leaves. Flashes of pink show throughout this gorgeous plant when new leaves are emerging. 

Low maintenance and robust this plant will remove chemical toxins from the air. An indoor favourite but also ideal as a potted plant for patios and verandahs. Can be placed in a room with filtered light, preferably near a large window so she can get enough rays. Having the plant not need to climb hard to get enough light will mean the foliage is fuller. Water more often during the summer seasons to make sure she doesn't dry out too much. 

This plant is such a wonderful house plant addition for so many reasons. The large leaves create wonderful full shapes. Impressive with its size its stem is hardy standing up tall on it's own. This plant can grow as high as 2m tall. This plant really does tick all the boxes. 

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