Introducing SUPREME Philodendron Birkin Plant

Introducing SUPREME Philodendron Birkin Plant


SUPREME philodendron birkin.

This plant is trending for so many reason!
It’s lush foliage has gorgeous creamy white pin stripes that cascade out of the planter..

 The supreme Berkin has many attributes to show off about. If you want a plant that always looks full, healthy and lush then this is the one for you!

Its glossy leaves are a deep green colour with wonderful sharp creamy white stripes that run down its foliage, making it really eye catching and unique. 

Philodendron plants are fantastic addition to your house plant collection as they do particularly well indoors and have stiff stems allowing it to stand up right out of the pot and display those gorgeous pin stripes. This  lovely plant is full, lush and easy to care for. 

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