Relax it’s Friday. Kick off your shoes and water your plant babies.

Relax it’s Friday. Time to sit back and chill!!! Happy weekend to our garner tribe.

What better thing to do on a Friday but come home to your haven, kick off your shoes and start your wind down.

Making your castle everything you want it to be is so important for your well being. While we can't always have everything we want its simple to add some things to your space that make it feel peaceful and inviting. I personally love to come home and put on some music and some nice smelling oils to make the place feel nice.

Having plants around me really make my home feel fresh and inviting. I get so much pleasure watching them grow and checking in on them while I go about my day. Finding them the perfect spot where they really flourish is always rewarding and make me plant geek out a bit. 

Choose the right plants that suit you and your home and you'll keep thanking yourself for it. 
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