Top 5 Indoor Plants Picks For Melbourne's Climate

Top 5 Indoor Plants Picks For Melbourne's Climate


We all know too well that Melbourne can have four seasons in one day! But that is no reason to stop you from enjoying nurturing your indoor plants and giving them what they all need as individuals.

Whist you can enjoy indoor plants in any climate a lot of indoor plants natural habitat is of a tropical climate, making it more of a challenge for us Melbournians to really nail the water intake, possible draughts as well as the humidity levels that they all need.

Lucky for us plant lovers the weather is heating up and we don’t need to use our indoor heating as much and our plants will thank us for that!

So long story short we thought we’d put together a list of our top five most adaptable indoor plants that will do best in our harsh dry climate of Melbourne. This list will be helpful to plant lovers or beginners who would like to enjoy their house plants minus the stress of killing them quickly or those who may be time poor.

We hope you Melbournians will find it useful.



indoor plants decor woman sitting on a couch surrounded by plants and snake plants looking at her iphone

There is good reason that you will find this plant decorating many low light indoor office around town. This plant is so tough you can really kill it if you try and even better it will remain vibrant, green and sturdy.

This guy does best in warm shaded positions so extremely low light tolerant for those who don’t have an abundance of natural light or if you have a corner you want to be green without a lot of fuss.

Another great choice if your someone who goes away a lot and can’t keep up with a regular watering routine. The leaves of this plant retain the water so you only need to water it once it has dried out first. Set & forget.



 ficus burgundy indoor plant - garner plant delivery

We think this plant is still my all time favourite for many reasons. Not only are they adaptable to the indoors and outdoors they grow at a rapid rate letting you enjoy watching their journey without a long waiting game while you hope they’re getting what they need.

This plant isn’t seemingly bothered by cold drafts and if you simply give it some sunlight, ideally bright and filtered light and a water every now and then it will be sure to thrive.

That said the worst thing you can do to your Rubber Tree is to overwater it. Simply water your Ficus when the top 50%-75% of soil becomes dry. Water it all the way through not letting it sit it the remaining water. If you notice the leave have yellowed you need to pull back on your over care with the water supply.


We think this plant doesn’t quite get the accolades it deserves.

Not only is it native to our favourite place Australia but it has gorgeous dark spit leaves, it’s fast growing, easy care and not fussed about humidity. This plant should be in every Melbourne collectors home.

The dragons tail likes it’s soil kept moist but not soggy so keep on watering this grower when the top inch of soil dries out. Keep her in a well lite position and watch her grow, grow, grow.

If you want this plant to really mature try giving it a totem pole. This plant is a natural climber so if you give it the right equipment it will be like a fish to water. That said if you’d prefer to leave it in it’s planter without the totem support it will do just fine.


Wanting a plants that is a little showy, that flowers, cleans your air of toxins, that is so easy to care for, shall I go on? This plant ticks so many boxes I don’t know why everyone doesn’t own one at least. There are also many varieties of peace lily’s you can choose from that will offer a point of difference.

We chose this plant for our Melbourne must have list as it is so adaptable it will even let you know when it needs to be watered. Once you see the leaves of the plant dropping give her a good drink. Let the plant really soak up as much water as she’ll take and watch as they foliage miraculously springs back to full This plant will still do well even if you deprive it of sunlight however it will be unlikely to flower but you can still admire the plants lush green foliage.

The top reason for being a great plant for Melbournians is that this plant really doesn’t need a high humidity level in order to do well which I think we can all agree is Melbourne’s biggest challenge when caring for indoor plants.

Hot tip, fill a jug of tap water and let it sit for about 24 hours before watering your peace lily. Your plant will thank you for the extra effort as it will keep it’s leaves extra green and vibrant stopping the leaves edges from browning. Letting the water sit will mean it’s closer to room temperature and let the chlorine and fluoride in our water dissipate.  


 devils ivy indoor plant for melbourne climate

This guy could really grow well anywhere, including Melbourne of course. Not only that it’s on of the easiest plant to propagate if you want to take a cutting and start a whole new planter going.

Another low light tolerant plant that do very well with Melbourne’s low humidity levels. Winner!

Like any indoor plant they do best with a bit of indirect sunlight but don’t require a whole lot and it’s gorgeous vining trails will have your space green in no time.

Hot Tip, this plant actually likes to have it’s roots stay tight so don’t pot it up too soon as a pot that is too large may cause it some trouble. Keep it in it’s tight comfy home until it’s ready.


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