Top Reasons Orchids Make The Perfect Gift

Top Reasons Orchids Make The Perfect Gift

No matter the occasion, Orchids are the perfect last minute gift that will keep on giving.

Not only are Orchids flowers absolutely stunning there are many reason that make these gorgeous plants the perfect choice that everyone will adore.

flowering orchid potted plant in kitchen. Perfect plant gift delivery


Flowers are usually our go to gift when we have left it to the last minute or have simply forgotten about that upcoming birthday, housewarming or picnic. Orchids are a fantastic alternative that will really impress and last them well after their many bouquets of flowers have all died.

While cut flowers can be lovely they will be guaranteed to die after only a week or so after purchase. Garner plant delivery’s orchids will continue to blossom months after gifting. Even better once their orchard finishes blooming it will still not die but simply rest


You don’t need to be a horticulturalist to take good care of an orchid. Less is more when it comes to this plant. Orchids are very hardy flowers that really require minimal care.

For more reading on how to care for your orchid we recommend checking out this article by gardening know how.  


The flowering orchid plant is so sophisticated and it suitable for every occasion. Known to reflect an array of emotions the orchid is the perfect gift to give a loved one when you want to express your love and show them that you care.

From birthday to housewarming parties or a bereavement gifts the orchids is a wonderful plant that is respectful, simply stunning and will not disappoint.

Send an orchid to your loved one has never been easier with Garner's same day plant delivery, making gifting orchids and plants fast, easy and affordable. 


Looking beautifully delicate these deceptive potted orchids are actually very hardy whilst  their blossoming flowers are beautifully displayed in an array of gorgeous colours to choose from. Some orchids also come with wonderful pattens on their petals leaving people in owe of their beauty. Orchids can really become a focal point in the room and a topic of inciting discussion.

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