Choosing the right indoor plant for your space.

Choosing the right indoor plant for your space.

Plants offer so much indoors from improving air quality to beautifying your space and giving a sense of calm. It is a known fact that indoor plants can be mood boosting. By caring for plants you are not only connecting with nature but also feeling a sense of reward by watching your plant grow as you care for it. 

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We at Garner Plant Delivery pride ourselves on having an extensive plant range that caters to everyone's needs. We all have a different tastes and just as it's important to have the right colour scheme or decor in you home or office, so are the plants that you choose to own and love. 
Garner also has a wide range of sizes to choose from too. Your space might call for something large to fill a corner of a room with green beauty. Or maybe your desk is screaming out for the perfect little planter to spruce it up.

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These are just some of the reasons that we truly believe gifting plants to people is a fantastic way to express your care for them and give them something that is personal and that they and keep and enjoy for a long time. 
We are excited about our new plant stock arrivals!! 
Check them out online now 
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