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We deliver a large variety of quality indoor plants and planters to our customers. Our ethos is to deliver on convenience and quality every time.

Our service delivers high quality products, convenient online purchasing and same day delivery. We offer an array of gift solutions with our range of bundles,  plants, planters and botanical wares. Our service also extends to custom notes for the recipient, gift wrapping and delivery.
With our delivery throughout Australia we offer ease in sending your loved ones the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether for a gift or for your own home or office, our custom packaging and delivery ensures the plant of you choosing will arrive at its destination looking immaculate.
We believe in the importance of collecting things that you love. Bringing nature into your home or office makes for a fabulous atmosphere, promotes wellness, improves air quality and also productivity. Nurturing something helps reduce stress, promote happiness and give a sense of achievement to name the very least. Most importantly plants are a gift that continue to give and that you can watch grow over time, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing, complimenting any decor. 
Contact us about tailoring you an indoor plant package to suit your home or office needs.
For corporate or custom orders please contact us at info@garnerstore.com.au