CARE GUIDE - Chamaedorea

The Chamaedorea Elegans is one of the most sort after indoor palms as they thrive in indoor homes and office spaces where other plants may struggle.
This plant is a popular indoor palm for several good reasons: It' does well in relatively low light. It can handle lower temperatures, and grows in attractive bunches making for a full yet relaxed aesthetic. 
This plant really is one of the top easy care indoor plants around, however if you follow our care guide your Chamaedorea will have the best chance of staying healthy and looking it's very best. 
WATER - How do you know when it's time to give them a drink? Wait until the top surface of soil and one inch below has dried out and then give the plant ample water.
Best bet with this plant is to err on the side of underwatering vs overwatering. The Chamaedorea palms do not like wet feet as soggy roots can lead to root rot. These palms are very forgiving when it comes to under watering so don't over do it. 
Ensure the water runs through the pot plant but does not  pool in the drip tray. Drain away any excess water from the drip tray or container pot once you are finished watering. . 
If your space has lower light levels or low temperatures modify your watering to a lower level also. 
If you do notice some yellowing fronds on the plant this will be an indication you are underwatering. 
LIGHT - One of the reasons this plant is so popular is that they do in face tolerate low light conditions. That said all plants enjoy and require varying degrees of sunlight and this plant is no different in that it will only benefit from some indirect sunlight. 
Be sure to place your Chamaedorea away from direct harsh light or it's fronds will be easily burned. The most ideal placement for this plant would be to have some bright filtered sun in the early morning or afternoon. 
TEMPERATURE - This plant prefers room temperatures between 18 - 25 Degrees Celsius. Keep your potted plant away from cold draughts and give them an ideal moderate humidity level. This plant will  be happy at lower temperatures however, if you can give your palm plant a warmer position you will likely be rewarded with faster growth.
If you see the tips of your plant browning it is likely to be caused by cold draught or being too dry for long periods. 
If your space has lower light levels or low temperatures modify your watering to a lower level also.