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  • Ficus Elastica Sophia indoor plant by garner plant delivery in signature packaging.
  • garner plant delivery - ficus elastica sofia plant
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Garner Plant Delivery

ALLURE - Ficus Elastica Sofia Plant

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This plant will look sophisticated and beautify any space in your home or office with it’s broad glossy leaves and tall stems.

They have a pretty pink sheaths surrounding new leaves as they form, adding to it's beauty. This plant really is one of a kind and desired for many reasons. 

A resilient indoor plant, she will thrive in bright indirect light but will also cope in slightly shadier conditions and is resilient to pests and diseases.

This wonderful indoor plant is 12cm in diameter and comes sitting proudly a your choice of planter

The rubber house plant prefers moist conditions. offer this plant indirect sunlight and do not over water. Offer this indoor plant regular mist spray to keep it happy.