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Garner Plant Delivery | Indoor potted plant subscription | Online plant delivery
Plant gifts online | same day delivered indoor plants | Garner Plant Delivery
Plant delivery Melbourne | potted plant gifts online | Garner Plant Delivery
online potted plant gifts | same day plant delivery Melbourne | Indoor plants online
Plant Delivery Melbourne | potted plants online | Garner Plant Delivery


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Indoor Plants delivered to your door every month!

Are you a plant lover and want to add to your collection endlessly? Or would you like to give the most perfect and generous gift that just keeps on giving? Well look no further, our indoor plant subscriptions are perfect for you. 

How does the plant subscription work? 

At the beginning of every month we will deliver an indoor potted plant from our easy care range, beautifully gift wrapped. We have an array of wonderful easy care plants and will deliver a new variety each month. Grow your urban jungle without lifting a finger. 

You can choose from a three, six or twelve month subscription. That is it, let us do the rest, sit back and let the plants arrive looking fabulous. Let it be a nice surprise what plant your going to get each month. 

3 and 6 month plant subscription 

You will receive a 120mm potted plant on the first day of every month, delivered to your door. Our plants come housed in a ceramic pot in various colours. We will ensure you receive different potted plants every month. Please include a note with your plant subscription if there is a particular pot colour or plant you would prefer. 

12 month plant subscription 

If you plant get enough or your feeling generous, the 12 month subscription is is the one for you. We believe you can never have enough indoor plants. the more the better! With this plant subscription you will receive plants in a variety of sizes to spice things up. Every two months we will alternate between our 120mm and 170mm range ensuring your collection is varied and beautiful.  Over the 12 months you will receive three lovely 120mm indoor potted plants and three 170mm potted plants, delivered ot your door once every two months. Want for nothing and just have all the plants you dream of.  

If there are particular plants that you have your eye on, no problems just add a note during check out to let us know and we will do our very best to get these plants into your home or office or mates place. 

All our plants are gift wrapped with gift note and delivered to your chosen address throughout Melbourne. We take the upmost care in delivering your new indoor plant to you to ensure it arrives at it's new home looking immaculate.

A wonderful gift idea for your plant loving friends, show them you know them well with a subscription that they can enjoy for months to come. The best thing is that gifting plants are a gift to keep and nurture. 


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